Future References

I must say that the prediction of the future I see in this Music Industry in the Timeline is a mix of my research and my assumptions.

2020 Ultrasound

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2015  Tunebot

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2018 #Mention list

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2017 Cloud

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Chip Ear Player 2030

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Future of Music in general

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Past Reference


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Victor’s Patent expired

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Revenues in US

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Music Industry

The reason I chose the music industry is because the technology has been shaping it in all senses since the late 1400s. From the music format that we’ve been listening to, to the distribution of music, and from the structure of the companies to royalties that are paid to the artists. This industry is far from settled.


It was an incredible experience going deep into an industry that is so close to us but normally we don’t spend much time thinking about it. It’s interesting to realize that tech is the main drive for this industry. But no matter how big a company is or how big the impact it has caused in the industry, nothing is forever. I started in the past and the deeper I dug, the more I saw that pattern is circular, always repeating. Individuals being taken over by big corporations later gave way to the power of the individual again. Entrepreneurs building world-changing technologies based on their own inventions, from 1500 until today. The history of the industry has always been dotted with naysayers, predicting the demise of the industry, but in the end something new always comes out shifting the way the industry works and it continues onward. No different from the past, I see the industry continuing to change the way artists make money. The industry will never die, it will just keep being reinvented.